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Giving and Getting Involved


Be a generous and faithful giver for our Lord. There is a tithing box located at the back of the church to give at your discretion.

You can mail your tithe to the church at 314 W. Nebraska St., Cody, NE 69211

If you would like to set up auto-tithing, please contact our bank at Security First at 402-823-4151. They will graciously walk you through the quick process! 



We have several opportunities in our church to be a leader or helper. Jump on in and be a disciple for Jesus! Feel free to contact us to find an spot that best fits you and your spiritual gift! 


Bible Studies Leader

Do you feel God is leading you share his words with other people? Is there a topic you would like to discuss with other people, being led by the Holy Spirit? Take a leap of Faith, ask if anyone would like to join you!

Sound Board

Tech and Sound

Do you have any experience with a sound board or slide shows? We are always looking for someone willing to help make the church service come alive!


Kids Club Leaders and Snacks

Kids club is a great after school opportunity for young kids! While eating a snack, playing group games and lesson times, we teach them about God's grace and how to be a follower of Jesus. We are blessed to have help with this program, to bring up a generation of Christ followers. If God puts it on your heart to help teach or donate snacks, please contact Robin Wickman

What is my spiritual gift?
How can I incorporate that within the church?

Click the link below to take the test and find out!
Spiritual Gift Test - once window opens, click spiritual gift survey
Spiritual Gift List - once window opens, click spiritual gift list

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