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Pastor Kurt and Family

At Sandhills Church of Hope we want to help you encounter the ultimate source of HOPE, Jesus Christ! It excites me to dig into God's Word each week to discover more of His plan and purpose for our lives. I hope you can join us!

Ephesians 5:1-8/Imitating God's kind of love: "We've all played copy-cat. But in the body of Christ, we're supposed walk like Christ and love like Him." -Pastor Kurt
Ephesians 6:5-9/Our Witness in the Workplace: "God works when our witness at work matches our identity in Christ." -Pastor Kurt


We are currently looking for a Senior Pastor. If you know of a Pastor who wants to live in the heart of the Sandhills, please have them contact us at

Pastor Kurt and his family are being called to join RHMA ministry in Morton, IL.

Rusty Old Truck


Rob Parkhurst, Marty Blocker, John Ravenscroft and Pastor Kurt Busenitz

To be an Elder is to be given wisdom from life's journey with Jesus Christ. Through trials and tribulations, joys and contentment, you are now using the wisdom he gave you along the way to help lead people, and the church, towards God's grace and guidelines for us. Wisdom is a gift and you are God's tool.


Kurt Busenitz

Hi there!  I grew up on a family farm in Kansas where God used my Christian parents and gospel-teaching church to show me my need of a Savior.  I learned of God’s provision through Jesus dying on the cross to pay for my sins and I trusted him at a young age. Over the next several years I grew as a Christ follower, but wrestled to surrender when He challenged my dream of coming back to the farm and replaced it with a call to ministry.  I am so thankful I said, “Yes.”  At Bible college I met my beautiful wife, Denna and we now have five amazing children.  God used my background in agriculture by leading us to church plant in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  We love the ranching and farming way of life and getting to do ministry in this community has been a great joy.  I enjoy almost anything outdoors including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and ranch work.  Denna and I are passionate about seeing the good news of Jesus shared and the Word of God taught in communities that need a gospel witness. I love seeing people equipped to serve the Lord.  One of the best things about ministry is watching other believers do something for Jesus better than what I could.  I’d love to be a part of helping you find Jesus and fulfill your purpose serving Him. 


John Ravenscroft

I am a life-long Cherry County rancher.  I graduated from Valentine High School.  After graduating, I served two years in the United States Army being a Vietnam Veteran. My civic obligations have been serving on various organization boards and serving as a Cherry County Commissioner.  My wife, Cheryl, and I have three sons and ten grandchildren. We live on our family ranch south of Nenzel, NE. I have grown as a Christian attending and serving as an Elder of the Sandhills Church of Hope where the Gospel is presented. 


Marty Blocker

I gave my life to Jesus over 40 years ago and did a 180 degree turn! I have always been a cowboy and love to work to share God's word. I believe that it is our duty and honor to press on & live for HIM. I have recently retired and enjoy being able to help with Kid's Club on Wednesday afternoons after school. I am blessed to be part of the lay ministry of our church as well.


Robert Parkhurst

I am a lifelong resident and rancher of the Sandhills of Nebraska. I gave my life to Christ as a result of a retreat I attended in my 40s. I have served on the elder board for many years and currently lead an Every Man a Warrior Group in my community. I have a wonderful life with my wife of 38 years. We have two children and six grandchildren. I believe Sandhills Church of Hope strives to show Christ’s love to the community.

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